Hagop Blikian D.C.​             Kristine Blikian L.Ac.

1600 Victory Blvd., Glendale Ca, 91201
T (818)244-5300 F (818)244-5353

5.0 out of 5.0 Star Rating on Yelp, Facebook, and Google 

"The best in town.  After only two visits I was relieved from the painful symptoms of sciatica nerve problem.  It was almost like miracle - I had to live with this pain for over 3 years and I had gone to many other doctors, but no help.  

Thank you Dr. Blikian.  I will assure you that all of my friends will hear about you!!!"

[5.0 star rating] 10/2/2015 Yelp

​"I have been seeing Dr. Blikian for a couple of months now, and let me say he is the best! I was in an accident and the process has been so easy. He always has appointments and is very flexible with scheduling. He also has been great about answering my questions and addressing any pain /discomfort I have right away.. 

I feel like a lot of Chiros try to take advantage of you.. But Dr. Blikian is so honest about what treatment is going to be like and I appreciate that. I've even started being my Fiancé( who is a world class weightlifter ) and will definitely refer him to all my friends! Best Chiropractor in LA!"

[5.0 star rating] 8/3/2015 Yelp

​"I injured my leg during a soccer game and was referred to Dr. Blikian by a teammate of mine. My teammate told me how understanding and helpful Dr. Blikian was. I called Dr. Blikian's office and with ease I was able to schedule an appointment at the time that I wanted. When I went to the office,          Dr. Blikian knew exactly what to do. He is very professional and certainly is the best chiropractor around! After the extremely effective first treatment, I followed up one more time and my pain was completely alleviated. Thank you Dr. Blikian!!!"

[5.0 star rating] 11/7/2015 Yelp

"After giving birth to my daughter, I suffered from postpartum back pain for several months. As if taking care of a newborn is not hard enough, the intense back pain was the icing on the cake! I tried a variety of techniques to ease the pain and nothing seemed to help. Thereafter, a friend of mine recommended Dr. Blikian. She told me about how he helped her back pain relief after an auto injury. I quickly made the call and... Soon enough I was my old self again! I cannot compliment Dr. Blikian and his techniques enough! He mentioned that because of hip and pelvic bone expansion throughout pregnancy and my body trying to readjust back into place, this results in a lot of pain in the lower back and hips. Therefore, Dr. Blikian realigned my spine and shifted my hips back into place. I have zero pain now all thanks to Dr. Blikian and the magic he works. Extremely professional and courteous!"

[5.0 star rating] 10/26/2015 Yelp

"I am receiving the best treatment for my spinal injuries, Hagop Blikian is more than just a Chiropractor, he is very accommodating, consulted me for my nutritional needs, physical therapy, exercises and posture behavior modifications and more… I am feeling the deference of my conditions very fast… Thank you Doc. Thumbs up…" 

[5.0 star rating] Google

"Staff was very helpful, very fast service. Convenience parking on the street. I was here for my DOT medical exam and got it done in 15 minutes including paper work. That is awesome.
I highly recommended here."

[5.0 star rating] 7/21/16 Yelp

"I made an appointment and saw Dr.Blikian for my DOT medical exam.The office is super clean and I did not have to wait.Right now Dr.Blikian has a $40 special going on DOT medical exams.Some of the places I called around Glendale,wanted as high as $270.I will be going back to see Dr.Blikian when my medical card expires in two years."

[5.0 star rating] 9/18/2015 Yelp

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